MacEwen Constructors Inc. has achieved many years of prosperous business by continuously delivering a successful product to clients all over Saskatchewan.

Notable recent projects include:

Town of Kindersley – Lagoon & Wastewater Upgrades:  ~120,000m3 construction of two new clay liner lagoon cells and surrounding earthworks complete with ~3,350m of various sized HDPE, PVC, and Stainless Steel pipe installed through open excavation, including two cased trenchless installations under an existing CN rail track and grid road.

City of Saskatoon Evergreen Fill Main:  Approximately 900m of 1050mm (42″) pipe was installed through the Forestry Farm Zoo as part of the continued primary watermain infrastructure expansion to eventually feed a water reservoir in the city’s northeast.

City of Saskatoon Interchange Projects:  We are currently providing services to install storm piping as part of the drainage works for two interchange projects in the City of Saskatoon for PCL.

Osler Storm Pond and Storm Force Main:  Upgrading the water drainage in the Town of Osler was completed by excavating a multi-use dry storm pond, complete with a pumping manhole, force main, and storm pipe.

Elk Point A2 Area Grading and Sanitary Trunk:  A neighbourhood expansion on the west side of Saskatoon allowed our company to engage in the installation of a deep sanitary sewer trunk line, with depths reaching close to 11m.  The site area grading saw close to 100,000 cubic meters of material moved.

Rosewood Subdivision Expansion: Continued expansion in the City of Saskatoon has our company working on a private developer project, installing water, sewer, and storm pipe, as well as the house services up to and including the curb stop. The civil earthwork is also included in the scope of work to provide finish grade elevations for all land use. Multiple projects have been completed from 2011 through 2016.

Notable completed projects:

  • Dalmeny Subdivision Development;
  • Martensville Residential Development;
  • Rosewood Residential Development for the City of Saskatoon;
  • Evergreen 3C Residential Development for the City of Saskatoon;
  • Warman Commercial and Residential Development;
  • Hampton Residential Development for the City of Saskatoon;
  • Sewer Pumping Station on Fletcher Rd. for the City of Saskatoon.
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